:: Meet, the Webmaster ::

⟿The Basics
Name:: SpiedeWolf
Level:: 32
Gender: Female
Zodiac:: Taurus
Class:: Witch
Profession:: Artist & Dog Groomer

⇝ introvert, creative, anxiety ⇜
Watching:: Naruto & Fallout
Listening:: WILLOW & Good Kid
Reading:: This Is Your Destiny by Kelly, Aliza
Playing:: Paladins, AC: New Horizons & Cult of Lamb


oi! the name's SpiedeWolf and i've been on the interwebz since i was about eight or nine years old. i love drawing, reading, writing, animals, nature, plants, gardening and learning.

i've been drawing since before i can remember. i started with traditional art and have learned digital art throughout the years. in more recent years i've leaned towards digital art more and even learned how to pixel art, but still love traditional. i can paint a little too, usually with acrylics.

i don't have as much time for video games as i used to, but when i do game, you'll usually find me on the Sims 4 or some kind of village builder/simulation game and sometimes a competitive game. i like Strardew Valley, Forest Village, Frost Punk, Paladins, My Time in Portia, EndZone & Summer in Mara to name a few.

up until a few months ago i was writing pretty consistently on a wolf roleplay forum that i'd been apart of for 5+ years. unfortunately, it has shut down. so my writing has stopped. it's kind of heartbreaking, but i'm trying to get myself to focus on my own original stories now.

i've always loved animals ever since i was a little kid and have always had some kind of creature. mostly it had been cats, ever since i was born. literally, the fam had cats before they had me. as i grew i had an iguana, a guinea pig, fish, hamster, gerbils and a bearded dragon. as an adult, i have three precious pups, four cats and one snake(one of three from 2006! the other two have sadly passed).

being outside is always a plus for me. i always feel at peace outside on a nice warm, breezy Spring day or even on a chilly Autumn morning/afternoon. being in nature grounds me when the house/life feels to stuffy and constricting.

which leads me into plants, i have sooo many. since gaining a sun room last move, i've expanded my plant collection quite a bit. i couldn't tell you how many plants i have (i'll have to count one day o_o;;). it's been an amazing experience and honestly, i couldn't imagine living in a place without them. it's like bringing nature inside, like making your own personal, little jungle or forest. it's soothing and very therapeutic to just sit and be surrounded by green.

along with my indoor collection, i have quite the outdoor collection of plants outside as well. i started my first garden in 2016 i believe. just a narrow little 3rd story porch garden. since then i've upgraded quite a bit and have a very nice little garden patch next to my house. it's my pride and joy and i plan to keep expanding onto it each year. whenever i move, it'll all come with me too since everything is in containers :3 expect the strawberry patch, but i'll figure that one out hehee ;3

when i was young, i did really well in school, but i thought it was incredibly boring. as an older person, i now love learning about things that interest me. to name a few, i'm interested in psychology, witchcraft, animals, nature, homesteading, gardening and herbalism.

⇝ introvert, creative, anxiety ⇜