~Over the Rainbow & Down Below~

Hello and welcome to over the rainbow & down below.
Where the fluffy and cute live side by side with the dark and mysterious.
This website is a collection of my thoughts, ideas, creative passions, hobbies and more.
While exploring the site please, stay vigilant! There are many portals and hidden doors that you might miss, if you're not paying close enough attention ;)
Happy adventuring!


reworked the 'Enter' & 'Start Adventure' pages. as well, added more web buttons to the 'Phonebook' page and figured out how to stop some links from opening up a new tab :3

changed the 'Home Portal' page design a lot, trying to make it look more unique from the og layout i started with. so far so good and i've learned a few new tricks in the process :3 i've been enjoying coding so much recently. the site is starting to look more like how i want it to <3

completely redid the 'character profile' page and i AM STOKED about it! had some trouble with the code after updating it, but thanks to fwonsh i was able to figure it out! the asthetic was heavily inspired by my new SpaceHey profile. i was really diggin' it so i pretty much redid it here :D

added some buttons & badges to the about me page. also, added a little arrow near the guestbook, which i will replace in the future.. sometime..

added the 'writer's desk' page, this is where all of my written stories and worlds i've built will go <3

added a guestbook to the homepage :3

Added some more of my Pixpets to the site, cleaned up some images, fiddled with the 'Updates' box.. again, and added site buttons! Also add the 'Phonebook' page, which includes other site's buttons! If you link back to the site, let me know! :D

changed around & cleaned up the sidebars on the home page & 'about me' page. finally figured out how to position images whereever & now i want to cry tears of joy ;A;

last week of Feburary, added more to the 'start adventure' page.

i've been terrible at keeping up on updates, but sometime mid Feburary i added some stamps and a list of animes to the 'about me' page.

Fiddled around with the 'about me' pages' layout. also accidently deleted the homepage while trying to install zonelets :')

Changed to the site's offical name & cleaned up the navbar on all pages.

Added some info to the About Me page & Projects. Updated the Navbar. Fixed the scroll box, yay!

moved the NavBar, still gotta tinker with it.

changed update box position & made it scrolling, but it doesn't scroll?

added a cbox & counter, although it doesn't seem to work properly?

figured out how to fix the tiled BG & messed around with colors. good testing!

site was made!